Behang uit de collectie Archive II van Morris & Co. Patroon Chrysanthemum (212546) met bloem in kleur beige en gebroken wit.
First printed in 1877, ‘Chrysanthemum’ was heavily influenced by the national flower of Japan. It was first block printed on foiled paper which was lacquered, stamped and stencilled in oil colour, a technique perfected by Jeffrey & Co. to simulate the expensive Japanese Leather Papers imported by Arthur Sanderson. ‘Chrysanthemum’ was also printed using the less ornate hand block printing method and it is from this that Morris & Co. has now recreated the design.



Kleur: Chalk
Merk: Morris & Co
Collectie: Archive II
Rollengte: 10 m
Rolbreedte: 0,52 m
Patroonhoogte: 0,52 m